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Pondering Gardens


Bliss exists above and below with a brilliant garden array of invigorating green plants to add to any occasion. Lift their spirits like a divine guardian angel shining down on them from the heavens above. Time to take a stroll into the Pondering Gardens of life!

A Valentine's Day Garden


Six unique potted plants collected in a charming oval basket offer the beautiful fragrence of fresh flowers and look of lush greenery to create a cozy space. An abundantly gracious gesture to leave a lasting impression on that special occasion, Valentine's Day!

My Little Lily


Start the season of spring off with a gift of elegance and natural charms. A shimmering white easter lily sets the occasion right with just one glance. Unconditional love and friendships are the theme of the occasion.

The Sky is Blue


This stunning blooming plant brims with verdurous leaves and brilliant blue flowers! Rich and bold, this colorful array of greens and leaves is sure to light up any room, making it a truly special Valentine's Day gift!

Plants of Abundance


Six unique potted plants collected in a charming oval basket offer the beautiful fragrence of fresh flowers and look of lush greenery to createa cozy space. An abundantly gracious gesture to leave a lasting impression on a special Valentine!

Valentine's Daisy Chrysant..


This big, bright, blooming arrangement of mums and greenery is truly a basket of sunshine and cheer. Flowers are always a perfect way to show you care this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Cushion Chrysa..


Yellow mums explode from this bouquet of flowers and greenery, making it a cheerful and joyous addition to any room. Send it today as a symbol of your love this Valentine's Day.

Enchanting Orchids


Enchantingly beautiful, this exquisite array of pink blooms exudes tropical charm and natural beauty. Fresh and sweet smelling, these felicitous flowers are sure to illuminate any room and make for a truly special gift for your sweetie this Valentine's Day!

Green Forest Basket


Lush and luxurious, this stunning assortment of rich green plants sparkles with vibrant verdure and natural charm! Set in a stylishly rustic basket, this bounty of greenery makes for a splendidly special Valentine's Day gift!

Don't Worry, Be Happy


Animated and uplifting, give these bright blooms to someone you hold dear.

Pink Lady Azalea


Delicate decorative pink azalea plant adorn this charming refreshing ceramic planter abounding with the sweetest array of flowers that a pretty pasture could offer.

Peace to the World


There is nothing more soothing to the mind, body, and soul than a large peace lily. Create that peace in that special someone'e life for any occasion. Peace to the World is the theme for the day! Shower the world with love and peace for there is no greater karma!

Basket of Luck


These flourishing greens will rejuvenate the senses.

Pink Berry


Paint the town pink with a small token of affection named Pink Berry. Show them your caring side with the perfect color of pink. Make the moment more perfect than ever before!

Whimsical Gardens


Enjoy a relaxing day of utter peace and tranquility away from the stresses of life with a plethora of garden green plants to set their soul free. Take a cleansing whiff of sweet garden aromas and wash away all your troubles into a state of zen.

The Secret Garden Basket


Bring a breath of fresh air into the room with this wonderful Valentine's Day basket overflowing with rich greenery! Celebrate life and vitality in charming style!

Prosperity of Spirit


For the sophisticated someone who constantly surprises you with her stunning beauty and vast intellect.

Overflowing Heart Basket


Tranquil, pure, and freshly exquisite, this sparkling bouquet radiates becoming beauty, refined grace, and magical splendor.

Exotic Floral Delicacy


Capture the peaceful serenity of an island in the sun with this exquisite assortment of exotic flowers! Vibrant and beautiful, these blooms exude the wonders of a tropical paradise, making them a truly unforgettable Valentine's Day gift!

Morning Sky Hydrangea


Blooming blue flowers burst to life from this stylish ceramic planter. A soft cloud of full, vibrant hydrangea, this arrangement is sure to make their heart soar towards the heavens! What a wonderful way to spoil your sweetie this Valentine's Day!

Sweet Daisy Surprise


Radiant and delightful, this lovely Valentine's Day bouquet is guaranteed to create an uplifting aura of harmony and joy.

Sweet Pea Violet


Delicate decorative violets adorn this charming country basket, abounding with the sweetest array of Valentine's Day flowers that a pretty pasture could offer.

The Garden of Divinity


An expression of thank you and appreciation says a thousand words! A beautiful array of potted green plants signify that simple thought of generosity every special someone can cherish. Look back on those precious moments and reflect on more to come!

Sassy Red Kalanchoe


Fresh and long-lasting, this burst of tropical color is a radiant surprise.

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